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Upholstery and Fabric Protection

Considering the tendency of many upholstery fabrics to be easily stained and difficult to clean it is arguable that it is more important to apply a protector to upholstery than to carpet.

However, unlike carpeting, there are several variables that upholstery has that make the decisions of what type of protector to apply more difficult.

Unlike carpet, which is primarily made from synthetic fibers, upholstery fabrics may contain a wide variety of synthetic or natural fibers, or both in blends.

Synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, olefin and acrylic) respond well to the application of water-based fluorochemical treatments.

Natural fibers and regenerated cellulose fibers (rayon and acetate) do not respond as well to the application of water-based protectors, and may also be prone to several post-application problems from the additional moisture that is introduced with the protector.

It is important to use an experienced company like Clean Master Carpet Cleaning for your upholstery and fabric protection needs.

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