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Carpet Repair

Clean Master Carpet Cleaning can help with all your carpet repair needs.

DFW Pet Treatment

We all have them and love them. Our furry little family member. However sometimes our pets present challenges to keeping our homes healthy and clean. Clean Master Carpet Cleaning can make it like those accidents never happened by treating not only your carpets and floors, but also the sub-flooring, replacing the tack strip, replacing padding and sealing the floor.

DFW Carpet Re-Stretching and Power Stretching

Carpet pad expansion can result in creases, wrinkles or bubbles in your carpets. This can happen over time especially if the original installer did not use a power stretcher when first installing your carpet. Sometimes a low-quality padding under the carpet can break down essentially creating an excess of carpet on top which results in bubbles, ripples and creases giving your carpets a wavy look. It often begins in just one area, but before you know it, it has spread.

Clean Master Carpet Cleaning can re-stretch your carpet, remove those problem areas and make your carpet look like new. We use a power stretcher which pulls the excess carpet to one side. Then we trim the excess from the edge and then tuck the edge under again. Using just a knee kicker is not a proper method to stretch a carpet and not only make it look good now but ensure that it will continue looking great for many years.

DFW New Carpet Installation

When replacing carpets Clean Master Carpet Cleaning recommends installing a high-quality pad underneath. This will prevent your carpet from being crushed and needing to be re-stretched in the future. Also make sure the installer uses a power stretcher to properly stretch the carpet during installation.

DFW Carpet Patching

Sometimes there are sections of carpet that need to be replaced. Damaged areas or permanent stains that never come out. We can patch those areas with excess carpet left over from installation or from the back of a closet.

DFW Carpet Transition Bars

If your carpet is fraying or worn at the transition to a tile or wood floor or it has pulled back from the metal strip underneath that was holding it you may need a transition bar installed to protect the edge of the carpet and to prevent it from pulling up and becoming a tripping hazard.

DFW Carpet Red Stain Removal

We have had good results lightening red stains or removing them completely.

DFW Carpet Wine Stain Removal

Whether old or new, give us a call and we can remove, or at least greatly lighten, red wine stains.

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