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Common Questions About Carpet Cleaning/Steam Cleaning

Why Do I Need My Carpet Cleaned? Isn’t Vacuuming Enough?

Regular vacuum cleaning only targets the surface layer of your carpet while carpet cleaning/steam cleaning can reach the deepest carpet fibers where fine dirt, animal dander, pollen and even bacteria can be found.

We use a powerful truck-mounted system for 99% of jobs, but we do have portable equipment available as well for locations our truck equipment cannot reach.

What Carpet Cleaning Method Do You Use? How Does This Differ From A DIY Machine?

The best carpet cleaning/steam cleaning method is hot water extraction. The machines we use spray hot water while removing it simultaneously which eliminates soil and leaves no residue. Many DIY machines use this method, but are not able to heat the water sufficiently or powerful enough to extract enough water which allows the pad and deepest fibers to remain wet while also leaving residue. All of this encourages mold growth.

Do You Use Chemicals For Cleaning?

No. We use green, environmentally friendly cleaning products ensuring your safety as well as that of your children and pets. We also offer a 100% pure essential oil cleaning which is completely organic!

How Long Will It Take For My Carpet To Dry?

Typical dry time is 4-6 hours with proper airflow and temperature. However drying time may vary.

Do You Offer A Guarantee On Your Work?

Yes. We have a 15-Day guarantee on all of our work. If you are not satisfied with our service we will be happy to come back and fix any problems.

Do I Have To Move My Furniture?

Our technicians will gladly move light furniture such as sofas and end tables, but cannot move heavy furniture like bookcases, grandfather clocks, desks, entertainment centers or dressers. They will do their best to work around furniture that cannot be moved. Note: There is an additional charge to move furniture.

Tell Me About Bed Bugs And Dust Mites…

Both are parasites that live in your home and especially spaces where humans spend a lot of inactive time. Both can cause mild to severe allergic reactions and flu-like symptoms. Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that live off human blood and can be found in pillows, mattresses, box springs, sheets, etc. Dust mites primarily feed on dead skin cells and can be found anywhere in the house. While allergic reactions are common in either a dust mite or bed bug infestation it is important to note that dust mite related allergies result from an allergic reaction to the fecal matter left by dust mites whereas bed bug saliva is responsible for most allergic reactions to bed bugs. Neither can survive high temperatures therefore steam cleaning is a safe and effective eradication method. Easily washable items like pillow cases and sheets can be washed using the highest heat setting. For other items like mattresses, box springs, carpets, etc. we can begin the treatment process by vacuuming the area followed by a thorough steam cleaning.

Do You Clean Area Rugs?

Yes. We can clean most area rugs.

Clean Master Carpet Cleaning can clean any style or specialty rug. Call today to discuss the details!

How Can I Keep My Carpets Stain Free?

Especially if you have pets and/or small children it is advisable to have your carpets protected against staining. However even then your carpet will require cleaning from time to time

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