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Your hospitality carpet and floor installation is a significant investment both monetary and in the overall image of your facility. To maintain the initial facility image as well as dramatically extend the life of your investment a consistent and effective carpet and floor maintenance program is highly recommended.

Carpet and floor maintenance should be established as a regularly scheduled program rather than as a random series of reactions to soiling and infrequent cleanings. The program must be tailored to the amount of traffic and type of soiling which may vary by area – entrance areas, lobbies, elevators and hallways will generally require more care than office areas while food areas and entrances will require more effort due to more difficult soiling conditions.

The cleaning method that most carpet manufacturers recommend is hot water extraction. This is the method used by Clean Master Carpet Cleaning. Hot water extraction infuses hot water into the carpet pile to help loosen the soil. A solution of water and cleaning agent is sprayed into the pile and, using a powerful vacuum, the dirty solution is recovered into the holding tank.

The use of bonnet/spin cleaners is not recommended and its use will void all manufacturers’ warranties.

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