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Commercial Carpet, Tile, and Drapery Cleaning in the DFW Metroplex


Dallas Fort Worth Commercial Cleaning Services

Clean Master Carpet Cleaning has a team of trained technicians who specialize in commercial retail, office (including high rise buildings) in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex. Whether your business is a retail store, medical office, law/lawyer office or accountant office your image is important to you. Let Clean Master Carpet Cleaning help you maintain that image for your customers, patients and employees.

We clean carpets, upholstery (including silks and linens), cubicles and draperies on the rod.

We are offering the following services in the DFW Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex:

  • Restaurant carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning service
  • Medical, professional and hospital carpet, tile and upholstery service
  • Church carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning service
  • Hotel carpet, tile, upholstery and drapery cleaning service
  • Pet urine treatment, stain removal and odor control
  • Scotchgard protection service
  • Jet interior, carpet and upholstery cleaning service
  • Auto, boat and RV cleaning service
  • Hardwood cleaning and polishing

If work cannot be done with a truck-mounted unit due to location accessibility, we will use a portable carpet cleaning/steam cleaning machine to clean the carpet, upholstery or cubicles. Our portable equipment is top-notch and generates almost the same heat, pressure and suction as our truck-mounted unit. The results are cleaner carpets and upholstery that dry faster especially with use of high-speed air movers while we work. This equipment provides all the advantages of a truck-mounted steam cleaning unit with the portability of a much smaller unit.

DFW Traffic Area Power Scrubbing

In office, professional and retail locations there are well-defined traffic areas. We use a process called power scrubbing to, well, power scrub those areas making sure they look as best as they possibly can. Power scrubbing is done after pre-treating, but before steam cleaning that agitates carpet fibers. This allows us to loosen the ground-in soil so that it is extracted that much easier in the steam cleaning process.

DFW Commercial Carpet Dry Cleaning

If steam cleaning cannot be used, for whatever reason, we use a dry encapsulation method that cleans the carpets without moisture resulting in no drying time at all. This method of cleaning can be just as effective a steam cleaning with the following advantages:

  • No down time. The carpet can be walked on immediately without any concern for slips and falls.
  • No harsh chemicals. No VOC’s, it is safe for wool and approved, biodegradable and green.
  • 100% organic. No residue left behind at all.

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