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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout can hold many stubborn stains and dirt that can be hard to reach. Regular mopping can leave behind soapy residue that builds up over time. We use a high-pressure cleaning system that can deep clean grout, remove soap residue build up, and leave the grout lines of your tile looking bright and clean. You can see how dirty your tile grout is by looking at the grout near a baseboard and then following that grout line toward the center of the room, if there is a color change then its time to have your grout cleaned. If you need your tile and grout cleaned, Clean Master Carpet Cleaning in the DFW Metroplex has the experience to clean your tile and grout and restore them to a clean, bright appearance.

If you want to minimize scratches, grout soiling, and wear patterns on you ceramic or porcelain tile and grout it is important to keep it free of dust and sandy soil. Vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting can help remove the dust and sandy soil that develops from traffic and everyday use. This will help keep your floors looking great between professional cleanings. It is recommended to use a clean, soft cloth mop or sponge with warm water to clean your tile and grout. Clean Master Carpet Cleaning uses a pH neutral cleaner to clean dirt and dust from your tile and grout that you can’t remove with sweeping and mopping. This cleaner is specially formulated for ceramic and porcelain tile and grout.

Using regular household cleaners can degrade the sealer on the grout that protects against stains. This includes bleach, abrasive, acidic, or alkaline cleaners, and ammonia. Bleach can cause the grout to yellow and crack, as well as breakdown and crumble. The best cleaners to use for tile and grout are pH neutral. There are also tile and grout cleaners with protector, which reinforces the sealer on grout as well as cleans.

To maintain your floor surface, frequently dust using a non-treated clean dust mop or vacuum. This will prevent dust, dirt, and sand from scratching your tile or building up in the grout joints which can cause discoloration. You can use door mats and area rugs to help minimize dirt from ending up on your tile floors. Use a diluted pH neutral cleaning solution and a damp mop to clean your tile floors. Using a squeegee in bathrooms and other wet areas can help minimize dirt build up and staining.

When it comes to spills and stains, unlike ceramic and porcelain tile, grout is susceptible to stains. Things such as mustard, vinegar, tomato-based products, coffee, wine, many soft drinks, orange juice, and other highly acidic substances can etch grout. Etching is a chemical reaction that leaves a mark or dull area. While sealing grout can prevent staining, it cannot prevent etching. For this reason, dyed cleaners, and cleaners containing bleach, abrasives, or ammonia, are not recommended for porcelain and ceramic tile and grout. These cleaners can breakdown the sealer on grout and damage the surface, allowing substances to stain and etch the grout.

To clean various spills on tile and grout, use a pH neutral cleaner. For food spills on ceramic and porcelain tile, scrape up the food with a non-metal utensil, blot the area with a dry cloth, and then clean with a pH neutral cleaner. To clean liquid spills on ceramic and porcelain tile, blot up the liquid with a dry, clean cloth and clean the area with pH neutral cleaner. If you get mud on your porcelain/ceramic tile, let the mud dry completely. Use a soft nylon brush to remove the mud and clean using a pH neutral solution. If your pet has an accident on your ceramic/porcelain tile you’ll want to blot it up immediately if its urine in order to avoid discoloration, otherwise for solids let it dry and then remove using a non-metal utensil. Clean the area with a pH neutral solution.

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