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Portable Carpet Cleaning

As the name suggests a portable carpet cleaning/steam cleaning machine is, well, portable. The commercial units we use are powerful machines that we can bring directly to any space whether that is a high-rise office, 4th floor or higher residence, mid-rise residence or any residence where there is elevator-only access.

These machines, while similar in nature to the "Rug Doctor" machines you see, are commercial grade and far more powerful than those units that the general public can rent. They get their power from a regular electrical outlet and have water, suction and internal heaters to heat the water. Since they are limited to the typical 110-volt power most machines sacrifice internal heat and use the available amperage for suction power. Therefore, most portable machines are filled with hot water from the water source. Portable carpet cleaning/steam cleaning often takes longer to complete the job.

The portable unit’s biggest advantage is that it is completely self-contained and can go to the highest floors in any building in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area.

Clean Master Carpet Cleaning can take care of all your portable carpet cleaning/steam cleaning needs. Request our service today!

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