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When it comes to carpet protection, there is a lot of misinformation. When you get a brand-new carpet, it likely comes with a protectant already on it, such as 3M Scotchgard or Dupont Teflon. After your carpet is installed, the protectant will wear off with cleaning, vacuum, and foot traffic. Our Carpet Protection service in Dallas/Fort Worth can reapply 3M Scotchgard, which will help keep stains and dirt from sticking to your carpet.

Carpet protectors work on a molecular level. When carpets are manufactured, they are dyed in order to get the different colors of carpet. On the strands of carpet, there are various holes on the fiber strand where the dye did not stick to. This bare part of the carpet fiber, which can occur in multiple spots on a strand of carpet, provides a place for dirt and liquids to stain the carpet, much in the same way the dye changed the color of the bare carpet.

Protectors, such as 3M Scotchgard, contain ions (charged particles) that neutralize the bare spots of the carpet and block dirt and liquid from being able to attach to the carpet fiber. This prevents stains, dirt, and liquids from soaking into the carpet, allowing you to clean the mess easier. By having Clean Master Carpet Cleaning apply 3M Scotchgard you will extend the life of your carpet, and regular carpet cleaning/steam cleaning and protection will maintain the manufacturers warranty.

Carpet manufacturers provide recommended cleaning instructions for your carpets. Usually this entails using steam cleaning or hot water extraction and that you have 3M Scotchgard applied after you have the carpets cleaned. Using any other non-approved cleaning methods, and failing to reapply carpet protector, will void the carpet manufacturer’s warranty. To ensure your carpet is properly protected, contact us today to receive a quote and schedule your appointment!

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