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Laminate Wood Floor Cleaning

Laminate wood floors require special care to ensure they stay clean, and last for a long time. Daily cleaning can be done simply with a microfiber dust mop and occasionally mopped with a damp cloth mop or towel. It is highly recommended to not use many popular cleaners such as Orange Glo®, Mop & Glo®, and most other similar cleaners as they leave a film and can trap dirt particles that will scratch your flooring. Wax, pastes, and ammonia can damage laminate flooring and make them slippery and unsafe. When using water and liquids to clean, lightly mist or use damp cloths, as flooding the flooring will damage the laminate.

For annual cleaning you should use a professional wood and laminate cleaning service, such as that offered by Clean Master Carpet Cleaning, who are trained and experienced to properly clean laminate wood flooring. Our Laminate Wood Flooring service uses BONA® professional cleaning equipment and products so that your laminate floors are cleaned well, without causing damage. We offer services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including the surrounding cities of the DFW Metroplex.

BONA® is a complete system of wood laminate floor cleaning products and equipment. The cleaners are water based that dry quickly without residue so that there aren’t any leftover films or wet spots. It is certified by GreenGuard Gold as nontoxic for both people and the environment. We only use BONA® equipment when cleaning your wood laminate floors, leaving you with clean, residue free flooring.

It is important to maintain your wood laminate flooring through daily cleaning, spot cleaning with gentle, ammonia free cleaners, and annual cleaning by a professional cleaning service. We have skilled technicians that have the experience and training to offer the best quality cleaning solution for affordable prices. Call today to schedule an appointment to clean your wood laminate floors today!

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