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Slate Cleaning and Sealing

Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of compressed mud. It is flaky, tough and durable and splits easily into layers that can be made into tile. The tiles may be polished or honed or left in their natural cleft state. Slate can be installed in any area of the home including showers and mudroom floors.

There are several types of slate tile. Some are made with stones known as quartzites and can be porous and absorb moisture – that means they can also absorb stains. It is important to seal your slate on a yearly basis to prevent staining. Test your slate to check the sealer. Pour water on the surface, if the water leaves a dark area after 10 minutes your slate needs to be sealed.

Slate floors, like natural stone tiles, are very beautiful, but are porous and, if not properly sealed, are more prone to becoming soiled and dirty. Even when sealed slate needs to be cleaned regularly. Our steam cleaning methods will emulsify any waxes, grease, grime and food particles that may be on your slate floor. Our truck-mounted vacuum system will remove all the dirt and debris from your natural slate flooring.

Clean Master Carpet Cleaning can help with your slate cleaning and sealing. Request our service today in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW).

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