Pet Urine and Other Odors

Many of us have pets of various types; they have become members of our family and they love us and we love them. Our cleaning methods are specially designed to extract pet allergens/dander and fleas/ticks as well as rid your carpet of urine which eliminates the appearance and odor. We also deodorize the carpet to eliminate any remaining scent which could result in repeat offenses.

Have you ever noticed that your dog or cat will return to the same spots over and over again? Animal urine contains certain scents and odors which are not detectable by humans, but can be detected by your pet. They will continue to “mark” the same spots and use the same areas that they have identified as a place for waste elimination. Dog and cat urine does not disappear by simply spraying the spots. This only affects the surface layer of the carpet or furniture. Our cleaning techniques penetrate fully through the fibers of the carpet and into the padding underneath.